DRC election ‘loser’ lodges court appeal as neighbouring countries call for recount

African nations have called for a recount in the controversial Presidential election in Democratic Republic of Congo and the candidate who was declared to have come second has launched a court challenge to the result.

The Guardian reports:

Sunday’s statement from the Southern African Development Community, which includes 16 states, notes the “strong doubts cast on the poll outcome by the … church, the opposition coalition and other observers” and calls for a recount “to provide the necessary reassurance to both winners and losers”. The organisation also suggested “a negotiated political settlement for a government of national unity”.

There was good news for the outgoing President Joseph Kabila as parties loyal to him won a majority in the 500 seat Parliament meaning that, whoever is eventually declared the winner of the Presidential poll, he will still have strong influence on the running of the country.

The same paper also has an earlier article looking at the state of elections in Africa as the continent prepares to host more than 20 national polls this year.