Leaked data shows Fayulu ‘won’ DRC election

The Financial Times has a scoop with two leaked datasets from the election in DRC. These purport to show the results from individual polling stations with one of the files being data from more than 80% of the voting machines in use in the country.

The data shows that Martin Fayulu – who was declared to have come second in the poll – actually won with 59.4% of the vote. The declared winner Felix Tshisekedi had 19% of the vote and the candidate endorsed by outgoing President Kabila, Emmanuel Shadary gaining 18%.

This dataset is said to be very close to the numbers collected by the Catholic Church in the country which had 40,000 observers on the ground on election day.

The irony noted by the FT is that this dataset comes from voting machines that opposition activists condemned as likely to increase the chance of the vote being rigged.

Mr Fayulu has lodged an appeal against the result with the courts in DRC.

UPDATE: The African Union has said that it has serious doubts over the veracity of the result and has urged the electoral commission of DRC to delay making it official. In a statement, the AU said:

The Heads of State and Government agreed to urgently dispatch to the DRC a high-level delegation comprising the Chairperson of the Union and other Heads of State and Government, as well as the Chairperson of the AU Commission, to interact with all Congolese stakeholders, with the view to reaching a consensus on a way out of the post-electoral crisis in the country.