Monday Morning Elections Update


In Argentina, centre-right President Mauricio Macri has lost his bid for re-election, losing comfortably to the centre-left Alberto Fernández. Fernández’ Vice President is Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, the former two term President.

Fernández won 48% of the vote and Macri 40.5%. Roberto Lavagna, running as an independent, came third with 6.2%. Under the Argentinian modified two round system, a candidate can win in the first round with more than 45% of the vote or by getting over 40% and being 10 percantage points ahead of the next placed candidate. Voting is compulsory for those aged 18-70 and optional for those aged 16-17 and those over 70.

Macri was a pro-business president who promised full employment but leaves office with a crumbling peso and mounting social problems.

Voting also took place for the Parliament but results are not yet confirmed. I’ll update this post when they are.


No results yet so I will update when I get them. This is the first of two possible rounds in the presidential election with a second due on 24th November. The last opinion polls had the centre-left Broad Front on 33%, the right wing National Party on 25%, the populist Open Cabildo on 12% and the liberal Colorado Party on 10%.


I wrote about the background here. Despite former President Ian Kahama’s split from the Botswana Democratic Party, the BDP saw its share of the vote go up to 53% and the party won 38 of the 57 seats in the legislature. That’s an increase of one on the previous elections.

The Umbrella for Democratic Change won 36% of the vote and 15 seats, a loss of 3. The newly former Alliance for Progressives came third with nearly 5% of the vote and one seat. The Botswana Patriotic Front, for whom Khama declared his support, won just over 4% of the vote and 3 seats under the first-past-the-post system. The Botswana Movement for Democracy lost its two seats as it polled just over 2000 votes nationwide.