Elections around the World

As part of my work, I research and write analysis for a range of clients on elections around the world. On this page you can find links to some of this analysis with the newest elections first.

I also act as an observer on election observation missions for OSCE/ODIHR, the EU and the Carter Center. When I have been part of one of these missions, one of the rules is that the mission speaks with one voice and that comes through the various reports that are issued. Commentary on these elections is therefore limited to the official mission reports. However there will be times when I will post analysis of subsequent developments in the country. If you are interested in becoming an election observer, I’ve written a short guide which can be found here.

A regularly updated election calendar of national elections and referendums around the world can be found here. If you want to know more details about a particular election – even if it is not shown here – please get in touch.

Botswana General Election 23rd October 2019

You can read a short piece on the election here.

Hungarian Local Elections 13th October 2019

You can read my summary here.

Polish General Election 13th October 2019

You can read my summary here.

Tunisian Presidential Election September / October 2019

You can read my summary here.

Elections Around the World 2019

Read my preview of a dozen key elections taking place in 2019 here.

Australian Federal Election 2019

I’ve written a short preview of the 18th May election here.

Israel General Election 2019

I’ve written a short preview of the election here, which I will be updating as the campaign starts. Concerns about cyber-attacks on the poll and campaign are covered here. You can find a wrap up following the announcement of the results here.

DRC Elections, December 2018

I’ve written a number of pieces on the elections, results and subsequent claims concerning falsification.

Armenian Parliamentary Election, 9th December 2018

You can read my preview piece here. I’ve also written a post on the results which you can find here.

Moldovan Parliamentary Election 2019

I’ve added a preview of the forthcoming poll here.

US Mid-Term elections, 6th November 2018

The fundamental question facing voters was “What do you fear the most – people coming across the southern border or losing coverage for pre-existing conditions?” Read more on my take here…

The OSCE/ODIHR verdict on the polls was that they were highly competitive and contestants could campaign freely, with media presenting a wide array of information and views, enabling voters to make an informed choice. More on their preliminary statement here…

Georgia Presidential Election, 29th October 2018

Voters in Georgia’s Presidential election had a genuine choice and candidates campaigned freely, but on an unloved playing field, international observers say. More here…

Macedonia Name Referendum, 30th September 2018

My preview of the contest and why it had much wider implications than just a name. Read it here…

Subsequent developments are covered here.

Pakistan Parliamentary Election, 25th July 2018

The EU Election Observation Mission Final Report has been published. The EU EOM encountered significant challenges and difficulties before and during its deployment to Pakistan. More here…